Thursday, May 24, 2007

Home Recording with Renee

My brother and I had an email exchange regarding Elvis Costello's appearance on Solid Gold at time of his single "Everyday I Write the Book", which I'm not posting for the single fact that Elvis' dancing is so horrible that it take away from the song. And there also exists a live recording of the song from the extending re-issue of Punch the Clock. I decided to see if there way any other video footage of Costello performing the song live on YouTube when I found this: a simple, humble, honest rendition of the song by a woman named Renee. There are plenty of missteps in her guitar playing, and the quality of the video is not great, but this little snapshot of home recording captures what I love most about the web: human beings communicating our most precious thoughts and feeling without recourse to gatekeepers, critics and big business, although I'd pressed to name a bigger company than Google, the company who runs YouTube. With all it's flaws, this little snippet held my attention for much longer than anything on that circus called American Idol. Oh well, I suppose the producers of that show will keep pitching people who will be forgotten in a year (or less) while I'll keep looking for people like Renee.

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Renee12String said...

THANKS! I'm very flattered. Here I am thinking this just sucks, and Menon Dwarka really likes my rendition!

I was horrified when I saw this old video of myself strumming that Gibson S1! And, yeah, missing those chords made me nuts, too.

So, why post a video of myself that I think sucks? Just reaching out, like Menon says. That video is 15 years old, by the way! I've posted some newer videos of my band, EQUINOX, on our youtube channel equinoxrox and I hope you'll check those out, too. There were some videos that we felt were not worthy of the "rox" designation (cause they didn't rock), but we still wanted to share them for one reason or another. So, we created the channel equinoxsux and continue to post the not-so-good videos on that channel.

Please check out both youtube channels equinoxrox and equinoxsux and let me know if you think I've posted any of those videos on the wrong channel! Beauty is in the ear of the beholder, right?